3 Lợi ích của Avaya Proactive Outreach Manager

POM provides 3 benifits as following:


Increase revenue, reduce live agent costs, manage receivables, manage customer relationships proactively, retain existing customers and acquire new customers

  • High application productivity through maximum live connects
  • Advanced list management with customer segmentation
  • Utilize campaigns with media/resource escalations from low-cost emails to high-touch Predictive dialing such that right-party connects are achieved at the lowest costs

Improve efficiencies over outsourced business processes

  • Control campaign priorities and inbound queues


Contact maximum customers, reduce live agent costs, generate new/additional revenue, and report on your results

  • Improve agent productivity by proactively channeling customers to self-service
  • Maximize revenue through industry-leading call classification technology Simple and comprehensive real-time and historic reporting on business activities
  • Reliably comply with applicable regulations
  • Maximize operational efficiency with a robust and stable system

Comply with Do-Not-Call regulations by utilizing (DNC) list management features of the
application and guard time protection

Comply with applicable regulations by recording the calls where live agents speak to live customers

Increase agent administration efficiency by administering all agents through a single CC- Elite administration interface

Design complex campaigns including agent-less and agent-based outreach easily


Meets business group’s objectives, fits well with your existing infrastructure and can grow to meet your evolving needs

  • Integrated solution from Avaya, integrating with AAEP/CC-Elite/Avaya WFO for Call Recording

Highly secure and reliable solution with low maintenance costs

  • Low downtime and low maintenance cost to reduce total cost of ownership
  • Customer data is protected within the database with role-based access only

Vendor provides end-to-end professional services during installation as well as throughout the life of the solution

  • Avaya APS and authorized business partners for end-to-end management of the implementation globally
  • Avaya Global Support Services (GSS) and authorized business partners for
    maintenance and support globally