Avaya Scopia Management Specification

Scopia Management provides a comprehensive management, control and scheduling solution to efficiency administer and enable easy-to-use video conferencing.


That is:

  1. Unified Central Management
  2. Endpoint and Network Device Management
  3. Virtualizes Conferencing Resources
  4. Unified Communication Integration
  5. Manage Access and Cost with detailed reports

Avaya Scopia Management Specification Highlights:

  • Scheduling and On-Demand Conferencing:
    • Web-based intuitive UI,
    • Scheduled and Ad-hoc conferencing support,
    • Outlook and IBM Lotus note integration for scheduling
    • Any endpoints can connect to same conference: SIP, H323, ISDN, 3G/4G/LTE Mobile, POTS Phone.
    • Video Resource Reservation
    • Leats Cost Routing for ISDN call
    • Check MCU and endpoints resource availability
    • Automatic invite endpoints
    • Email Notification for meeting participants
  • Endpoint Management
    • Centralized Access and to gather system information from one single point.
    • Monitoring for checking status and resource available.
    • Remotely for configuring, reset, upgrade…
    • Centralized Directory.
  • Comprehensive Conferencing Control
    • View and Control Participants
    • Change Screen layout
    • Personal Layout setting
    • Mute/unmute audio
    • Block/Unblock audio
    • Intuitive lecture mode control
  • Report and Statistic
    • Graphics Display for usage and utilization of MCU, Desktop/Mobile Srv, GW, Endpoints
    • Graphics Display for usage per virtual room.
    • Detailed Call records in xls format.
  • Administration
    • Multi tenant support
    • on demand bandwidth reduction
    • CDR for billing system
    • User mgmt
    • Meeting mgmt
    • API for integration with 3rd app.
    • SIP/H323 integration
  • Database supported: MySQL, MS SQL.
  • Capacity:
    • 10,000 endpoints registered (as online users)
    • 400,000 LDAP users.
    • 2,000 concurrent calls per deployment
    • 500 user per conference
    • 40 MCUs

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