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I have 06 years experience in Marketing field and also have MBA degree. I am strong in Digital Marketing, especially good in developing website with WordPress and SEO. I am very interested in Blockchain technology and believe it will be a major technology in next 10-20 years

Kinh nghiệm


Senior Digital Marketing at KPMG In Vietnam (Nov 2021 – Jun 2022)

One of Big4 company.

Job Responsibility

Manage Digital Marketing activities for company

Digital Marketing & Association Specialist at VeXeRe (Nov 2020 – Nov 2021)

Top #1 in online bus ticket platform & bus management software (SaaS) in Vietnam ( & bms,

Job Responsibility

Manage all Marketing activities for SaaS products of company, especially focus on Digital Marketing channels

Digital Marketing tasks

Website development: building website by using Elementor Plugin (WordPress platform)

– Content Marketing: write blog, design banner, make video script
– SEO techniques: Onpage, Offpage, SEO Google Map
– Analysis: using Google tools ( Analytics, Search Console, Data Studio, – Tag Manager, Optimize) SERPROBOT, Ahrefs,,…

Social Marketing:
– Facebook: write post, manage engagement
– Youtube: upload video, SEO Youtube
– Zalo Official Account: create article, sending broadcast and manage engagement

Lead management: using CRM tools (Hubspot) and tracking source to improve quality of Lead

Association tasks

Work with relevant teams to develop and execute online strategies to increase sales of SaaS Products

Partnership: corporate with partner ( VNPay, Grab, Viettel Post,…) to run promotion campaign for SaaS Products

Product Marketing: corporate with Product team and Sales team to launching new Products, new Module of software to customer


Create new structure for Marketing activities & build Customer Journey for SaaS products

Make more keywords on top of Google Search (ex: Phần mềm nhà xe | Phần mềm quản lý xe khách | Phần mềm hàng hoá xe khách | App bán vé xe | Phần mềm xe khách | Ứng dụng hàng hoá xe khách | Tổng đài bán vé xe khách | Phần mềm hãng xe | Ứng dụng nhà xe | Website xe khách giá rẻ | SMS cho nhà xe)

Increase >100% Lead than previous year

Senior Digital Planning Officer at Chailease (Oct 2017 – Apr 2020)

Top #1 in Financial Leasing Industry (Credit revenue: ~ $300 mil | Employee: >400) in 2019 (

Job Responsibility

Digital Marketing Task

*Online Advertising: Facebook, Zalo, Email marketing & Google Ads

+ Manage Website/ Facebook Fanpage / Zalo Official Account.
+ Support Sales Department finding customers (B2B) through these channels.
+ Coordinate with agencies for Online Advertising campaigns (~$3,000 monthly budget).
+Use Google Analytics, Google My Business, Google Search Console, Google Tag Manager, Google Data Studio…to analyze performance of Online Advertising campaigns

*Content Marketing: Design, SEO & PR articles

+ Use Photoshop, AI, Proshow, Dreamweaver to create promotion materials: Brochure, Standee, Video,…
+ Use CMS to manage all content of website (can responsively display in Desktop & Moblile)
+ Make keywords reach top of Google Search result (ex: “cho thuê tài chính”, “thuê bao tài chính”, “thuê tài chính”,….)
+ Write monthly PR articles to publish in famous newspapers (,,,…)

Traditional Marketing tasks

– In charge of Promotion Campaigns for Dealers to expand customer base for company
– Sponsor for events of customers, Dealers or industrial associations. Join suitable exhibition to increase brand awareness and find new potential business opportunities for company
Success connecting > 80 Dealers to join campaigns.
Help company become member of >10 industry associations

Planning tasks

+ Set up policies and guidelines related to PR & Marketing activities of company.
+ Develop KPIs, action plan, annual budget (~USD 50,000 each years) and measure performance; make monthly, quarterly, semi-annually and annually report. Present directly to CEO about PR & Marketing activities of company.


– Increase follower from 0 to ~ 5,000 for Facebook and >1,200 for Zalo in 01 year.
– Referred > 600 customers to Sale Department with created sale volume >1,200,000 USD
– Referred >1,000 CVs to HR department in 02 years.
– Maintain ~15,000 visitors monthly access website of company.

Marketing Executive at Prime (Dec 2016 – Sep 2017)

Top #1 in Ceramic Tiles Industry (Retail Revenue: >$300 mil | Employyee: >3,000) In 2017 (

Job Responsibility

Marketing Task

– Market research of new products, new marketing activities, price of products of competitors in South market
– Manage relationship with ceramic tile distributor by troubleshooting their problems with company, quality of products, sales campaign.
– Hold events for top sales distributors & join in industry exhibition to introduce new products of company

Sales Executive

Job Responsibility


– Do Sales & Marketing for Capsule Coffee & Machine with Brand Nespresso
– Manage product stock to ensure its availability

Giáo dục

University Of Economics Ho Chi Minh City

Master’s degree

Business Administration and Management

2014 – 2016

University Of Economics Ho Chi Minh City

Bachelor’s degree

Business Administration and Management

2010 – 2014

Chứng chỉ

Search Engine Optimization

Nhat Nghe Education JSC

Graphic For Advertiser

Nhat Nghe Education JSC

Website Design (HTML/CSS)

University of Science Ho Chi Minh City

Nghiệp Vụ Sư Phạm

Ho Chi Minh City University of Pedagogy

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