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Job title: DevOps Engineer
Report to: Group Manager
Work location: Full-time Remote

Roles and Responsibilities:

 Develop and maintain an understanding of the software development and deployment pipeline. This includes initial software architecture and development, the continuous integration workflow, deployment of software through the pipeline to production, and monitoring of software and infrastructure in production. Participation in managing DevOps side of things of new applications and projects;
 Work with high load applications;
 Design and build infrastructure on AWS/Azure;
 Design highly available and fault-tolerant environments, availability, and scalability;
 Design and operate the build & release, configuration management;
 Make automation systems to deploy must do so reliably with zero downtime and the ability to easily roll back;
 Design and implement monitoring and alerting that is actionable;
 Hands-on usage of Kubernetes and Docker to schedule and run micro services;
 Practical knowledge with Git flow, Trunk, and GitHub flow branching strategies;
 Familiar with DevOps toolchain experience: GitHub, CircleCI, Artifactory, SonarQube, et a.

Your Skills and Experience

Must have:

 4+ years relevant experience in DevOps methodology;
 Strong background in Linux/Unix administration, e.g. Ubuntu, Debian;
 Strong knowledge of AWS / Azure / GCP Infrastructure;
 Knowledge of database administration (MySQL, Postgres, Elasticsearch);
 Ability to debug and solve configuration, performance, and reliability problems quickly;
 Experience with CI/CD tools for different scenarios (Jenkins is preferred) and infrastructure as code (AWS Cloud formation, Terraform Ansible);
 Experience or knowledge of container orchestration tools, e.g Kubernetes, Rancher, Microservices;
 Knowledge of standard methodologies: configuration management, monitoring, alerting, metrics;
 Scripting and/or development skills to automate everything;
 Ability to automate routine processes using Python, Bash;
 Experience in supporting production systems;
 Experience with automation/configuration management, e.g. Terraform.


 Have experience with GitFlow;
 Willing to research new domains and learn new things/techniques;
 Proficient English;
 Knowledge of network basics and work of TCP/IP;
 Has worked on product teams before;
 Good service attitude and proactive and self-organizing.


 Remote working with a flexible schedule (40 hrs/week);
 Opportunity to work with talented individuals from all over the world in one of the hottest and fastgrowing industry;
 Generous sick leave and vacation leave;
 Competitive fiat salary and performance-based bonus.

How to apply:

Interested applicants please submit your CV by filling our Online Application Form.
NOTE: There will be a quick English test included, so kindly arrange around 20 – 30 minutes to complete the test

To apply for this job please visit

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